Wilson & Company Announces Promotions in Accounting, Business Programs, and Human Resources

Wilson & Company Announces Promotions in Accounting, Business Programs, and Human Resources

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (April 10, 2024)—Wilson & Company, Inc., Engineers & Architects, announces the recent promotions of Catherine Cochrane, Brenda Bevington, and Amy Straquadine and significant enhancements in its accounting, business programs, and human resources teams. These advancements underscore a commitment to responsible growth and strengthening the firm’s internal infrastructure.

Catherine Cochrane, controller, has been promoted to Associate Vice President. Under her leadership, the accounting team has bolstered efficiencies within Wilson & Company by consistently refining processes through automation, standardization, and continuous process improvement. The team has proactively identified financial internal control risks and implemented effective mitigation strategies. The accounting department’s contributions provide clients with transparency, accuracy, and invaluable financial insights, empowering them to make well-informed decisions crucial to their success and growth.

Brenda Bevington has been promoted to Associate Vice President of business programs. Business programs encompass risk management, project management training programs, safety and drug testing programs, maintenance of corporate licenses and registrations, and management of the corporate insurance program. Under her leadership, the business programs team also manages a fleet vehicle program, oversees facility management for each office location, manages the firm’s security clearance, and develops internal training to connect staff to Wilson & Company’s purpose and culture of Higher Relationships. Business programs enable Wilson & Company to stay compliant, providing training, tools, and resources for our project teams and creating a great work environment with the office space and our culture.

Amy Straquadine has been promoted to Associate Vice President of human resources. In the past two years, she has led the team in creating an inclusive people development plan, completing comprehensive benefit and compensation benchmarking, and implementing tools and processes to improve employee experience. Wilson & Company’s human resources team creates a coherent framework for hiring, managing, and developing employees to support organizational goals. Each aspect of human resources works together to support company culture, achieve the firm’s purpose, and meet performance targets at every level—internally, for clients, and within the broader community. Wilson & Company’s strategic human resources management focuses on developing and implementing programs that address and solve business challenges and contribute to business objectives.

“As we continue to expand, our internal infrastructure is the foundation of our operational effectiveness, benefitting not only our employees but also our valued clients,” said Jim Ross, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Wilson & Company. “The synergy among our accounting, business programs, and human resources teams is pivotal in propelling our growth and ensuring our collective success as a business.”


About Wilson & Company Inc., Engineers & Architects

Wilson & Company, Inc., Engineers & Architects, has brought more than 700 people together in 15 offices over nine states to build Higher Relationships through discipline, intensity, collaboration, shared ownership, and solutions with our clients, partners, and communities. After 90 years of business, professionals continue to hone their craft with us, including civil, mechanical, electrical, and structural engineering; architecture; planning; biology; surveying; mapping; GIS specializations; drone piloting; financial analyses; program management; construction administration and observation; and a growing number of multi-disciplinary specialties. We seek to create value for a diverse client base, including federal and municipal governments, public transportation agencies, railroad companies, industrial and commercial corporations, and private developers.

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