Wilson & Company Announces Promotions in Sector Sales and Growth Team

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (March 28, 2024)—Wilson & Company, Inc., Engineers & Architects announces significant enhancements and promotions in its Sector Sales and Growth team, which aims to increase the company’s value to clients. Through strategic structural alignment and investment in its talent, Wilson & Company is poised to accelerate growth and deliver even greater value to clients across key sectors and regions.

Wilson & Company has strategically structured its business with dedicated individuals filling roles to drive sector sales and foster responsible growth. This restructuring indicates a pledge to prioritize client relationships, develop increased career development opportunities for current and future employees, and maintain sustainable progress.

These recent promotions within the Sector Sales and Growth team exemplify Wilson & Company’s commitment to excellence and client-centric approach:

  • Edward Cordova, Senior Vice President, Public Infrastructure Southwest Region
  • Justin Klaudt, Senior Vice President, Public Infrastructure Midwest Region
  • Steve Salazar, Senior Vice President, Public Infrastructure West Region
  • Scott Waterman, Senior Vice President, Public Infrastructure Rocky Mountain Region
  • Lucas Reed, Vice President, West Coast Freight & Passenger Rail
  • Mike Holesapple, Vice President, Freight Rail

“This strategic alignment enables us to strengthen our commitment to the company’s growth trajectory, seizing new opportunities and expanding our market presence,” said Jim Brady, President and CEO of Wilson & Company. “By optimizing our organizational structure, we are better positioned to deliver innovative solutions and exceptional value to our clients.”

Wilson & Company’s focus on structuring key roles reflects the company’s investment in its talent, fostering a culture of excellence, innovation, and continuous improvement. Wilson & Company remains steadfast in its dedication to operational excellence, integrity, and sustainable business practices as part of its dedication to responsible growth.



About Wilson & Company Inc., Engineers & Architects

Wilson & Company, Inc., Engineers & Architects, has brought more than 700 people together in 15 offices over nine states to build Higher Relationships through discipline, intensity, collaboration, shared ownership, and solutions with our clients, partners, and communities. After 90 years of business, professionals continue to hone their craft with us, including civil, mechanical, electrical, and structural engineering; architecture; planning; biology; surveying; mapping; GIS specializations; drone piloting; financial analyses; program management; construction administration and observation; and a growing number of multi-disciplinary specialties. We seek to create value for a diverse client base, including federal and municipal governments, public transportation agencies, railroad companies, industrial and commercial corporations, and private developers.

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